The quickest and most reliable solution for your consignments travelling from and to Romania.

In our capacity as one of the first truly direct shippers, we offer the optimum presentation and delivery time.
In collaboration with the Industry, we’ve developed the most efficient express overland transportation from and to Romania.

Depending on what it is that you need, you can choose a product and make your decision about your required response/delivery time; or you can ask one of our advisors.
Whatever solution you need, we’ve got the right one for you – 365 days per year – whether it’s a one-off delivery or continuous supplies to your production centres, customers/consumers, all of them eager to receive their time-critical goods deliveries.

The advantages to you:

  • Maximum flexibility combined with absolute reliability
  • Custom solutions available 365 days per year, delivered at short notice
  • Considerable cost advantage by comparison with our competitors


Reaktion same day bei Anmeldung bis 12:00 Uhr

Lieferzeit next day, im Laufe des tages


Same-day response

Delivery time ASAP: 18 to 26 hours

How do we achieve this?

  • 24/7 access to service centre
  • Uncomplicated job processing: our order acceptance process is entirely guided by your preferred communications medium
  • Multilingual customer advisors and drivers
  • Quick response guarantee: no more than 15 minutes from the time of your enquiry until we send you our quote
  • Processes are adapted to your needs, thus providing the means of total integration into each delivery process
  • Individual briefing of all network partners and drivers who are aligned to your needs
  • Your cargo is personally supervised, with direct, immediate transportation of your goods
  • Our own skills team in Romania to investigate drivers’ capability and the technical suitability of the vehicles
  • Appropriate loading units are laid on automatically and with no need for you to make additional stipulation – as soon as you have presented your enquiry. That way, the shortest response times are guaranteed.
  • Analysis of details of all trips: from the time of your order until your goods are delivered
  • Year-round access to at least 110 express vehicle units in Europe
  • Point-to-point transportation
  • Quality management with regular monitoring by DEKRA
  • IT-managed mission control, with overview of all vehicle units in our own network
  • IT-managed adaptation of delivery procedures where there are any deviations within the supply chain
  • GPS localisation with real time position monitoring
  • Reporting system for all parties involved in the course of your trip

What can we do for you and your needs?

  • Let us become a permanent component of your emergency logistics system
  • We relieve the pressure on you when it comes to bottlenecks, because we can quickly provide trustworthy transport solutions.
  • We enhance your flexibility, and that way we can help you to enhance your supply capability and the level of service that you provide for your own customers.

What that means for you is:

  • Maximum flexibility and reliability of planning, thanks to constantly available loading capacity
  • Individual deadline arrangements for supplying and delivering your goods
  • Creation and continuous optimisation of customer-related process cycles specific to the appropriate field within your supply chain
  • Prompt solutions 365 days per year, matched to your needs, with considerable cost advantages by comparison to our competitors

Furthermore, what we have to offer you is: supply management, a reporting system, hazardous goods transportation, process monitoring messages and reports, multilingual contact persons and specialists in the respective field, together with individual delivery systems.

All of our express solutions include the modules of our simply direct management at no extra charge. Now you can enjoy the benefit of a problem-free transport solution.

Let us be a permanent feature of your logistics chain.

If you have any questions, our service staff will be glad to help