About us

"Economical and unbeatably fast. The better alternative to the established system transport."
With this vision in his head, the company founder Thomas Paar began his new approach with Carpathian 13 years ago: quick, easy and high-quality transport solutions to and from Romania.

His success shows that he was right: customers, who until now had had to come to terms with customs obstacles, inflexible departures and system transports with significant risks, such as goods damage, loss and delivery delay, appreciated the benefits of solely direct trade a great deal. Eighty percent of our initial customers are still with us and have never regretted choosing "simplydirect".

Goals for our organisation and principles that guide our actions.
Vision of how our organisaion should present itself in future


The Carpathian Transport Line GmbH of the future - our vision:

  • We will be the leading provider of direct transport in the area of general cargo and time-sensitive deliveries from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxemburg to the region of Romania, and back.
  • We will achieve growth rates above the market level in the automotive, high-tech and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industries, and will consistently strengthen our competitive advantage.
  • We will be the leading provider of overall logistical concepts as a franchisor for the area of direct transport and timed freight from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxemburg to the region of Romania, and back.
  • We will remain the most attractive contracting authority for qualified subcontractors in our market segment, and will continue to expand our network above the market level.

Our self image and our intentions - our mission:

  • We create value among our customers.
  • We depend upon passionate and highly-motivated employees, whom we challenge and support.
  • We will become the preferred employee for our industry in our region.
  • We will implement and continuously improve a TQM.
  • We will implement and continuously improve the areas of Corporate Design, Corporate Communication and Corporate Behaviour of Corporate Identity.
  • As a franchisor, we will create a corporate overall concept that can be implemented independently by business partners, franchisees, at specific locations.


Customer quotes

„In the past, I have been completely satisfied with how you have executed these transports.
As a result, this time too I also trust your high level of expertise and the excellent service that you demonstrate time and again."
Automotive Dresden


"If there is anything to criticise then it is the realisation that our delivery standards were not at the optimum until we incorporated your service"
Automotive Selb


"Thank you! Our short-term order changes are, as always, being implemented smoothly without any loss in terms of time."
Hing Value Dietzenbach


"In particular, the speedy processing as well as the friendly and self-evident commitment of your team deserves a positive mention."
Rail and Road Regensburg


"It is great to have a partner who can push through an order even on short notice.
There are too many people in this world who immediately start moaning if a task comes up that needs quick attention."
Maschinenbau Schweinfurt

Our milestones

While the basic idea of our specialisation for us
for 13 years has been trendsetting, another element that is very close to our hearts is the continuous development and imrprovement of our offering.

2003 First German logistician in the area of direct trade to and from Romania
2004 Creation of a simplified customs clearance for direct trade to Romania
2006 The Bucharest branch was opened in addition to the existing branch in Timisoara
2007 Sibiu branch was opened
2007 Presentation of production supply and procurement logistics for the automotive sector in Romania
2009 Constanta branch was opened
2009 First edition of a driver handbook in direct collaboration with industry and the Carpathian Transport Line GmbH freight carrier network
2010 Relocation from Munich to the new logistics site in Maisach, the former Kattus plant
2010 Introduction of sector specialists to analyse and optimise our customers' logistical processes
2012 Introduction of a quality management system DIN EN ISO certification 9001:2008
2013 IT optimisation with the goal of increasing data transparency towards our customers while also improving data security
2015 IT optimisation in order to transfer data to and from transport partners more flexibly
2016 Introduction of transport quality analysis for the relevant transport carriers
2016 Adaptation of our quality management system DIN EN ISO certification 9001:2015

In future too, we will make logistics simply... direct!


Spedition und Logistik für Rumänien
Otto-Hahn-Str. 10 · D-82216 Maisach


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