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Supply Management48Supply Management

The raw materials and preliminary products for your industrial production process are procured from various sources, be it by the purchasing department or the production division.
This not only leads to considerable additional logistical costs, it also means that attention must be permanently paid to all factors to guarantee smooth processing.

State-of-the-art IT analyses and control instruments allow us to optimise your existing supply chain and, together with our supply management, we can provide you with the opportunity of controlling all your suppliers through one single communication point. This system processes your requirements and coordinates them with all suppliers.

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Produktion48Production logistics

Logistics paves the way for production.
The precise supply of your raw materials, operating media, consumables and spare parts is an important factor for ensuring smooth uninterrupted production processes.
As a result, the demands made of the logistics system are high and should allow enough room for flexibility without comprising on supply performance.
Comprehensive assessments and analyses of your requirements and careful planning, control and realisation of your needs in terms of the transport and storage of raw materials, operating media, consumables and spare parts ensure smooth supply processes.
Our specialists for the production logistics sector will be happy to advise you about the products and solutions you require.

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Simply Direct48Simply Direct

No other overland transportation means can offer you a quicker and safer solution. The benefits at a glance:

  • Point-to-point transport without handling
  • Damage rates below 0.3%
  • Delivery accuracy 98.7 % (ERP 2015)
  • Loss rate 0.0 % (ERP 2015)
  • Permanent access to the real location data of your delivery
  • Short-term changes and influence before delivery is possible
  • No forced adaptation to system traffic, such as fixed loading days, maximum shipment sizes, exclusion of goods types
  • Maximum and unbeatable reliability, mobility and speed in the overland traffic sector
  • Low downtime risk and few third parties are involved
  • Immediate information about loading time and delivery time

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Projektmanagement48Project management

Those responsible for planning the logistics for temporary or longer-term projects usually face a number of obstacles.
Time-critical phases must be compensated by streamlining the supply chains. In turn, this creates new tasks that need to be coordinated, controlled and ultimately implemented.
Our project planners help you right from the word go. Starting with a feasibility study through to the initial clocking of the supply process, we provide you with feedback about all relevant points and an analysis of the processes including advice on how you can create space to concentrate on the most important aspect of your project – namely its successful implementation.

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Lagerung48Storage D and RO

Whether you want us to be part of your procurement logistics, production logistics or your transport distribution system or simply contribute to freeing up your own resources, we are happy to store and manage your goods at our sites in Maisach, Sibiu und Arad.
Of course, your goods will be stored according to your requirements and the statutory regulations.
We combine various storage systems, such as high-racks, outdoor storage space, refrigerated store rooms and shelving systems, to offer integrated solutions that meet the respective demands of our customers.

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