Teilladung48Simply direct partial (partial load)

Simply direct partial offers you a highly-efficient and economically-attractive solution for load sizes over 1,000 kg. Benefit from one of the fastest response times for partial load systems in direct trade to and from Romania.
Simply direct partial adapts to suit your processes and deliveries, and is therefore the most flexible partial load system on the market.
The benefits to you: the greatest flexibility and planning security with additional cost savings.

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Projekt48Simply direct project

Simply direct project is your project management to and from Romania. All goods that are subject to approval procedures or simply cannot be transported using classical vehicle units can be transported easily and safely with Simply direct project.
Moreover, we offer integrative project planning for your planning phases, crane hire, container renters, technical planning, project management, coordination of junction points, route surveys, insurance modalities, provision of personnel, L/C processing and BF2/BF3 transport escorts.
The benefits to you: a competent contact person who offers you all services from one source, a clear structure even before the project starts and significant cost savings

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Stueckgut48Simply direct efficient (general cargo)

Simply direct efficient is the most effective solution on the market for your small shipments, up to 1,000 kg, to and from Romania.
Thanks to permanent scanning of cargo units, you will get an unparalleled response and delivery time for your goods. We offer the highest delivery quality and time efficiency as well as the transit times of an express service provider at the prices of a system logistician.
The benefits to you: the greatest flexibility, ability to offer short-notice readiness for delivery to your consumers/customers, fixed and projectable costs, greatest delivery convenience with additional cost savings.

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Komplettladung48Simply direct complete (FTL)

Simply direct complete offers you the most reliable service in the area of complete loads to and from Romania. The provision of vehicle units takes into account the current freight requirements; in the event of seasonal fluctuations, we can offer you permanent access to additional vehicle units, thereby covering backlogs of over 30% in comparison to market demand.
Our vehicle standard always exceeds the current industry standards. All drivers are trained in the relevant sectors and their requirements, and equipped with individual instructions on the relevant loading and unloading points.
We offer you European curtain-side trailers, mega-trailers, double-decker trailers, jumbo trailers, sliding floor trailers, coil trough trailers, box vehicles and temperature-controlled vehicles.
The benefits to you: highest level of flexibility thanks to guaranteed vehicle readiness with the shortest response times.

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Our transport offers are fundamentally based on solely direct deliveries, our express transport services offer the optimum in provisioning and delivery time: In collaboration with industry, we have developed the most efficient express overland transport to and from Romania.
Depending on your needs, choose a product and decide on response and delivery time. Whether on an ad hoc basis or as a permanent provision for your manufacturing, customers/consumers with time-sensitive goods, we have the appropriate solution, 365 days per year.
The benefit to you: maximum flexibility with absolute reliability, needs-based, short-term solutions 365 days per year, significant cost savings compared to the competition.


Simply direct smart
From 0.1 kg to 5,000 kg
Max. height 200 cm
Max. length 360 cm
Response time 20 hours
Transit time 48 hours

Simply direct express
From 0.1 kg to 5,000 kg
Max. height 200 cm
Max. length 360 cm
Response time 12 hours
Transit time 28 hours

Simply direct plus
From 0.1 kg to 1,000 kg
Max. height 140 cm
Max. length 250 cm
Response time 2 hours
Transit time 20 hours


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Simply direct

  • Point-to-point transport without transshipment
  • Damage rate below 0.3%
  • Delivery reliability 98.7 % (ERP 2015)
  • Loss rate 0.0 % (ERP 2015)
  • Permanent access to actual location data for your delivery
  • Short-term changes to the delivery possible
  • No mandatory adjustments to system transport such as fixed delivery days, maximum cargo sizes, exclusion of certain goods types
  • Maximum, unrivalled reliability, flexibility and speed in the area of overland transport
  • Minimal risk of failure due to low third-party involvement



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