Flexibility, response, service runtime - could it be a little more?

"Deadlines are a matter of trust!" Whether it is a cry for help from your client, timing devices within your manufacturing, unexpected events or bottlenecks in your manufacturing chain - a shortage of time can usually be controlled by reducing the delivery time. In the case of these usually highly-sensitive deliveries, you have to be able to depend on your logistics partner.
Trust us, the first solely-direct shipping agent in Germany to and from Romania, with one of the most efficient express systems on the market.

Perfect service

  • Specialist department is staffed 24/7 with trained personnel and a permanent contact
  • Uncomplicated order processing – order acceptance is set up entirely according to your communication preference: telephone, e-mail, interface/data transmission, client login, fax etc.
  • Multilingual client advisors and drivers Quick response guarantee – your enquiry will be answered with an offer in a maximum of 15 minutes


Individual support

  • Your needs and desires are recorded and maintained in your personal customer profile
  • Processes are adapted to individual customer needs, allowing full integration in any delivery process
  • Individual briefing for all network partners and drivers, tailored to your needs


Ideal quality assurance

  • Your goods to be transported are escorted and shipped directly and immediately
  • Our own competence team in Romania for checking driver suitability and technical suitability of vehicles
  • As soon as you submit your enquiry, appropriate loading units will be put in place, with no commitment on your part to place an order, so that quick response times can be ensured in case of need
  • Each route is analysed, from order to delivery
  • Year-round access to at least 110 express vehicle units in Europe
  • Point-to-point transport
  • Environmental management and quality management with regular monitoring by DEKRA


Most up-to-date systems

  • IT-controlled application and overview of all vehicle units within your own network
  • IT-controlled adjustment of delivery processes in the event of discrepancies within the supply chain
  • GPS tracking with real-time location query
  • Notification system for all participating in your route progress


What can we do for you and your needs?

Let us be a consistent element in your emergency logistics. We will relieve the strain in the event of bottlenecks by quickly providing reliable transport solutions, increase your flexibility and, as a result, help you increase your supply readiness and the level of service you offer your customers.


What do we offer?

Our transport offers are fundamentally based on solely-direct deliveries, our express transport services offer the optimum in provisioning and delivery time: In collaboration with industry, we have developed the most efficient express overland transport from and to Romania.
Depending on your needs, choose a product and decide on response and delivery time. Whether on an ad hoc basis or as a permanent provision for your manufacturing, customers/consumers with time-sensitive goods - we have the appropriate solution, 365 days per year.
The benefit to you: maximum flexibility with absolute reliability, needs-based, short-term solutions 365 days per year, significant cost savings compared to the competition


Simply direct smart
From 0.1 kg to 5,000 kg
Max. height 200 cm
Max. length 360 cm
Response time 20 hours
Transit time 48 hours

Simply direct express
From 0.1 kg to 5,000 kg
Max. height 200 cm
Max. length 360 cm
Response time 12 hours
Transit time 28 hours

Simply direct plus
From 0.1 kg to 1,000 kg
Max. height 140 cm
Max. length 250 cm
Response time 2 hours
Transit time 20 hours


For you, this means:

You have optimum flexibility and planning security thanks to constantly-available freight capacity, and deadlines for providing and delivering your goods can be agreed on an individual basis.
Customer and sector-specific process flows are created and permanently optimised within your supply chain.
In addition, we offer you our supply management, advice system, hazardous materials transport, process reports and logs, multilingual contact partners as well as industry specialists and individual delivery systems. In addition, our partial load solution contains all components of our "Simply direct" management.

We look forward to serving you.


Spedition und Logistik für Rumänien
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