The most efficient and financially attractive solution for sending your consignments over 1,000.00 kg from and to Romania.

We offer one of the fastest-responding, smartest partial loading systems. A system which adapts itself to your cycles and to your consignments, and which consequently generates the maximum flexibility.

Advantages to you: maximum flexibility and reliability of planning combined with additional cost saving

How do we achieve this?

  • Quick response guarantee: no more than 15 minutes from the time of your enquiry until we send you our quote
  • On-board access to loading area capacity
  • Uncomplicated order processing. Our order acceptance system adapts itself to your preferred medium of communication.
  • Analysis of all trip details: from the time of your order until your goods are delivered
  • IT-managed adaptation – if any deviations arise – thanks to integrated, analytical AI
  • Training of all network partners and drivers for the optimum fulfilment of all customer requirements.
  • Vehicle equipment specific to each customer and to each field of business – this makes for optimum load protection and transportation
  • 24/7 service for customers and for network partners
  • Quality management with impartial, regular monitoring by DEKRA
  • Multilingual customer service
  • Monitoring system for all parties involved in the course of your trip
  • GPS localisation in real time

What we give you is an optimising factor for your distribution in Romania.
Thanks to our dense network of transporters in Western Europe, and thanks to IT-controlled scanning of all transmission frequencies such that our services are matched to your needs, we can always guarantee that you get the freight capacity you need. We guarantee to provide all of this within the shortest possible time, bringing your consignment promptly and safely to its destination by the most efficient route.
And – in the process – we achieve far more than just the normal transportation of your goods: for example, you can, if you wish, feed all of your suppliers into your existing simply direct network. That way, all of your contact persons will be managed by a single communications point. (SC reference)

Co-ordination is negotiated with the applicable interfaces, such as production, supply and dispatch, and is adapted – for each dispatch – to the respective parameters. A comprehensive notification chain, proactive exchanging of information and a delivery guarantee are further highlights and a permanent component of CTL simply direct FTL.

For you, this means:

  • Maximum flexibility and reliability of planning, thanks to constantly available loading capacity
  • Individual deadline arrangements for the preparation and delivery of your goods, with process cycles appropriate to each field.

Furthermore, what we have to offer you is: supply management, a reporting system, hazardous goods transportation, process monitoring messages and reports, multilingual contact persons and specialists in the respective field, together with individual delivery systems. Our partial loading solution comprises all of the modules of our simply direct management.

Let us be a permanent feature of your productivity chain.

If you have any questions, our logistics advisors are at your service.