Carpathian, your logistics partner…simply…direct

General cargo

Up to 1000kg Reaction 1 workday Transit time 3-4 workdays

Partial loads

1.0 tons to 15 tons Reaction 1 workday Transit time 3-4 workdays


22 tons Reaction 1 workday Transit time 3-4 workdays


Up to 5000.0kg Maximum height 200cm Maximum length 360 Transit time 48 hours


Up to 1000.0kg Maximum height 140cm Maximum length 240cm Transit time 20-22 hours


Heavy cargo, overwidth, production relocation, container service, trade fair logistics

What makes Carpathian different from other service providers in the logistics sector?

Our way of thinking and action procedures. We think in a task-oriented manner, taking into account each order and the customer as a whole. Our competitors often only consider results and are committed to fixed processes in their systems.

Our goal is always to provide complete satisfaction for employees, customers and partners, and to create a symbiosis between all parties.

What challenges does Carpathian rise to?

The challenge is to smooth out the constantly changing influences on the market and circumstances which cannot be controlled, and to provide satisfaction for all concerned without influencing performance, quality or service.

What values does Carpathian stand for?

Providing the best customer service is the aspiration which drives us every day. As a modern family business with a caring culture, we are a leading company in direct logistics today.

We are proud of this. Our unique culture is the basis for our economic success. This success was made possible by excellent colleagues doing excellent work and by putting exceptional ideas into practice with attention to detail.

How is team spirit expressed at Carpathian?

We call ourselves Carpathians and see ourselves as a family. A sense of unity and thinking outside the box are values that each of us live out every day. Flat hierarchies and collective problem-solving support this team spirit, as do regular get-togethers.

How does Carpathian ensure the satisfaction of its employees and subcontractors?

We listen and take ideas and criticism seriously. The requirements and needs of individuals must be recognised and solutions created.

Acknowledging performance, motivating employees and partners, promoting strengths and compensating for weaknesses – these are not just platitudes in our company but are the tools for respectful, tolerant working together.

How are employees supported and encouraged?

Every Carpathian knows the essence of simply direct and is focussed on continuous creation of the service, because we love to create something perfect.

Everyone receives the maximum support possible to achieve this.

Professional lives impinge on private lives. That makes it all the more important to satisfy basic and social requirements. Recognition, appreciation and opportunities to fulfil potential ensure stability and inner peace.

Carefree work, regular new challenges and a relaxed working environment are our platform to achieve this.