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The solution to your project completion from and to Romania.

On your behalf, we transport all goods which are subject to a specific approval procedure, or which simply can’t be transported using conventional vehicle units. Be straightforward and safe: go with simply direct project.

More than that, we offer integrated project planning for your planning phases, we can book cranes for you, find container providers, organise technical planning and project management, provide co-ordination with nodal points, we can investigate routes, look into insurance provisions, supervise HR organisation, L/C processing and transport supervision to the standard of BF2/BF3.

The advantages to you:
You get the benefit of dealing with a competent partner who can provide you with all the services you need from a single source, with clear structures in place even before your project begins – with considerable cost savings.

How do we achieve this?

Our experts for Project Logistics will take on the complete task on your behalf.

Each project begins with a feasibility study within our company. After all of the relevant parameters have been assessed, you will receive an extensive project plan including the corresponding planning stages.

Our projects service comprises the following services:

  • Route check
  • Customs procedures
  • L/C processing
  • Booking of cranes
  • Project manager on site
  • Insurance provisions
  • Transport service
  • Assessment and analysis of entry and offloading points

Projects are a confidential matter. Consequently, when you go with us you have a consistent contact person who will cover your projects from start to finish.
Our provable loss quota of less than 0.1% over the last 10 years (commercial years of 2009 to 2019) puts you in the best possible position in relation to our transport insurers, and is a sure indication of prompt, trouble-free transport procedures.

Our extensive portfolio of vehicle types and equipment, long-term approvals for most oversize loads and prompt advance planning for projects, together with the estimation of prices for your enquiry, means that your deadlines will be fulfilled even where time is tight, creating bottlenecks.


  • Experts for Project Logistics
  • Extensive, transparent project planning
  • Vehicle preparation is transparent and is managed according to your own loading plans
  • Permanent multilingual contact persons
  • Less than 0.1% loss quota
  • Prompt transport procedures, with no hitches
  • Short response time, rapid processing
  • Continuous access to a comprehensive fleet of vehicles

What this means for you is:

  • Less strain on your resources, plus you get the reliability of fixed planning for your production and supply logistics.
  • Maximum flexibility and reliability of planning – even when time is tight so there are bottlenecks – thanks to constantly available loading capacity
  • Individual deadline arrangements for the preparation and delivery of your goods, with process cycles appropriate to each field.
  • Cost savings – thanks to optimisation of loading plans and the optimum selection of equipment.

Why not find out for yourself and make an appointment for a free of charge presentation of our services.

If you have any questions to ask, one of our project experts will be glad to help