The highly efficient and economically attractive solution for your deliveries over 1000kg, to and from Romania.

We offer one of the most intelligent, most rapidly reacting partial loading systems. A system which adjusts to your processes and deliveries, providing maximum flexibility.

Your benefits: the highest flexibility and planning security with additional cost savings

How do we do it?

  • Quick response guarantee – from your order to quote provision in maximum 15 minutes
  • Onboard access to cargo space resources
  • Straightforward order processing. Our order acceptance matched to your communication requirements.
  • Evaluation of all tour data, from order to delivery
  • IT-controlled adaptation in the event of discrepancies via integrated analytic AI
  • Training of all network partners and drivers for optimal implementation of all customer requirements
  • Customer- and branch-specific vehicle equipment for optimal load safety and transport
  • 24/7 service for customers and network partners
  • Quality management with regular independent monitoring by DEKRA
  • Multilingual customer service
  • Notification system for all parties involved in the process of your tour
  • Real-time GPS tracking

We provide you with an optimisation factor for the distribution of your products in Romania .

Our close-knit network of transport modes in Western Europe, IT-controlled scanning of all delivery frequencies and adaptation of our services to your requirements mean we can always guarantee you the required freight space. We guarantee to provide this within a very short time and to get your delivery to its destination punctually and safely, via the most efficient path possible.

In the process, we achieve far more than regular transport of your goods: If required, you can add all your suppliers to your existing CTL simply direct network, meaning you can manage all your contacts via a single point of communication. (SC link)

Coordination is arranged with the relevant interfaces, such as production, supply and dispatch, and is adapted for each delivery to match the relevant parameters. A continuous notification chain, proactive exchange of information and a delivery guarantee are further highlights and an integral part of the CTL simply direct FTL.

For you, this means:

  • The highest flexibility and planning security thanks to constantly available cargo space
  • Individual agreements on deadlines for provision and delivery of your goods and branch-specific process flows.

In addition, we offer our supply management, notification system, transport of dangerous goods, process reports and audit trails, multilingual contacts, as well as branch specialists and individual delivery systems. Our partial load solution contains all components of our simply direct management.

Let us be an integral part of your production chain.
Our service staff will be happy to help you with any further questions