For the management, the reason for introducing a quality management system was so that it could incorporate DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standards in its own quality claims.

The development of our QM system took into account dynamic change processes with respect to both internal and external conditions. This allows us to offer our partners the best possible quality, at all times combined with maximum flexibility.

The quality management system is practiced by all employees; we are promoting this commitment to ensure it is taken on board as a natural contribution to our everyday work activities, for the maximum benefit of us all.


Data security/customer cloud service

  • Upon request, provision of your documents in our own Cloud
  • Powerful protection of your data with endpoint backups
  • Simple and secure exchange of data with no size restrictions
  • Off-site data storage in a Munich computing centre
  • SSL-encrypted data transmission
  • Data storage 256 BIT AES encrypted
  • Initial backup via HDD seeding

Data transmission/interfaces

  • Powerful interfaces manage automated shipment generation by data transmission directly from your system
  • Suitable for data of any format, such as FORTRAS, EDIFACT and many more
  • Customer portal for easy recording and status monitoring of your shipment
  • ‘On call’ order acceptance via our multilingual service centre in Maisach


  • Responsive website for mobile contacting and data transmission
  • Quick response with IP hosted service centre
  • Cloud service and web portal for status monitoring and document management for your deliveries
  • 24/7 logistics butler for your individual service needs