Production logistics

Produktion64Production logistics

Logistics paves the way for production.

The precise supply of your raw materials, operating media, consumables and spare parts is an important factor for ensuring smooth uninterrupted production processes.

As a result, the demands made of the logistics system are high and should allow enough room for flexibility without comprising on supply performance.

Comprehensive assessments and analyses of your requirements and careful planning, control and realisation of your needs in terms of the transport and storage of raw materials, operating media, consumables and spare parts ensure smooth supply processes.

Our specialists for the production logistics sector will be happy to advise you about the products and solutions you require.

We create added value by:

  • Reducing your stock levels
  • Optimising your production cycle
  • Flexible supply capability
  • Process-controlled IT systems
  • Covering seasonal peaks
  • Reducing transport-related downtimes


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