Our mission

Our understanding of our own motivation and objectives:

  • We create values for our customers.
  • We have faith in our passionate and highly motivated employees, who are challenged and encouraged to do their best.
  • We are becoming the local employer of choice in our sector.
  • We implement and constantly improve TQM.
  • We are permanently optimising our corporate design, corporate communication, corporate behaviour and corporate identity.
  • We create an overall corporate design as a franchisor to be implemented by our business partners – franchisees – at targeted locations..

Our vision

The Carpathian Transport Line GmbH of the future:

  • We will become the leading supplier of direct transport in the field of general cargo and fixed-date deliveries from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg to the Romania region and in the opposite direction.
  • We realise growth rates above market levels in the automotive industry, high tech industries, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and consistently develop our competitive advantage.
  • We will become the leading provider of holistic logistic solutions as a franchiser, for the field of direct transport of general cargo from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg in the region of Romania and in the opposite direction.
  • We will remain the most attractive contracting authority for qualified subcontractors in our market segment and consistently expand our network above the market level.

Our milestones

While the fundamental idea of our specialisation has been pointing the way for us for 13 years, constant further development and improvement of our services is also close to our hearts.

  • 2003 First German logistics company in the field of direct transport to and from Romania
  • 2004 Establishment of simplified customs clearance for direct transport to Romania
  • 2006 In addition to the existing branch in Timisoara, the Bucharest branch was opened
  • 2007 Opening of Sibiu branch
  • 2007 Presentation of production supplies and supply logistics for the automotive sector in Romania
  • 2009 Opening of Constanta branch
  • 2009 First edition of a driver handbook, in direct cooperation with the industry and the Carpathian Transport Line GmbH freight carrier association
  • 2010 Move from Munich to the new logistics location in Maisach, in the former Kattus factory
  • 2010 Introduction of branch specialists for the analysis of our customers’ logistics processes and their optimisation
  • 2012 Implementation of a quality management system with DIN EN ISO certification 9001:2008
  • 2013 IT optimisation with the aim of increase data transparency for our customers and also increased data security
  • 2015 IT optimisation for flexible data transfer to and from transport partners
  • 2016 Implementation of analysis of transport quality of each mode of transport
  • 2016 Adaptation of our quality management system to DIN EN ISO certification 9001:2015